Infheistiú i dTithíocht Shóisialta

Ensure that all sections of society have a safe and secure home to call their own.

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Get Ireland building again

Fine Gael has spent some €4bn on the private rental sector but only €3bn on actually investing in new homes since 2011. This reliance on the private sector rather than putting bricks and mortar in the ground has generated a massive social housing crisis. When HAP recipients are included some 125,000 are on the social housing waiting list. Building levels are still way behind where they should be and are struggling with long delays to get on site.

Fianna Fáil is committed to investing in social housing, revamping building processes and cutting red tape to get Ireland building again. We cleared the slums in the 1930’s, and when our recent records are compared, Fianna Fáil built more local authority housing from 2004 to 2010 compared to Fine Gael from 2011 to 2017.

Why Do It?

We are wasting billions on the private rented sector rather than building new units where they are needed. We need to ensure that all sections of society have a safe and secure home to call their own.

For those families and individuals who are unable to buy or rent privately the state has a vital role in supporting them. We should not be afraid of local authorities and approved housing bodies directly building new homes.

Fianna Fáil’s plan for social housing

  1. Increase in capital budget

    Increase the Capital Budget by over €400m. The National Development Plan’s investment in Social Housing is still 16% below 2008 levels.

  2. A National Housing Agency

    Ramped up builds with a new National Housing Delivery Agency to oversee housing delivery.

  3. A new finance model

    Set up an Off-Balance Sheet Special Purpose Vehicle finance model for approved housing bodies to allow the Strategic Investment Fund, Credit Unions etc to invest.

  4. Get homes back online

    Accelerate void refurbishment with self-refurbishment and claimback process under our Vacant Housing bill.

All Issues in Housing

Building Affordable Homes for All

The state has to step up and build affordable units in the right places. This is a core part of Fianna Fail’s vision for securing home ownership for the next generation.

Helping First Time Buyers

We believe that owning the roof over your head and having safe and secure place to raise your family and play a part in your community should be supported.

Helping Generation Rent

Generation Rent is a major part of Irish society with over 325,000 households renting privately. We need to ensure they have good quality, suitable accommodation.

Invest in Social Housing

Ensure that all sections of society have a safe and secure home to call their own.

Sustainable Communities

Strong planning, high quality materials and local infrastructure is vital to making houses into homes and places into communities.

Tackling Homelessness

Almost 10,000 people including over 3,500 children are homeless in our country.

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