Dul i ngleic le heaspa dídine

Time to get serious.

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Time to get serious

Almost 10,000 people including over 3,500 children are homeless in our country. This is a scar on our cities and towns. Nowhere is the housing crisis so evident and so heart breaking as in the sight and facts of homelessness on our streets. It must be a priority for any future government to tackle and resolve this crisis.

Why Do It?

Ireland is a strong vibrant country with a deep sense of community and fairness. Homelessness stands in opposition to the values that we share. Addressing the crisis must be a clear priority.

Fianna Fáil’s plan to tackle homelessness

  1. More social housing

    Target increased capital investment in social housing to address the homelessness crisis.

  2. Homes first

    Adopt a Housing First approach. Focusing new units on wrap around services.

  3. Housing Assistance Payment Scheme

    HAP recipients should not be removed from social housing waiting list.

  4. Increase resources

    Ensure adequate resources are given to homeless services on a year round basis.

All Issues in Housing

Building Affordable Homes for All

The state has to step up and build affordable units in the right places. This is a core part of Fianna Fail’s vision for securing home ownership for the next generation.

Helping First Time Buyers

We believe that owning the roof over your head and having safe and secure place to raise your family and play a part in your community should be supported.

Helping Generation Rent

Generation Rent is a major part of Irish society with over 325,000 households renting privately. We need to ensure they have good quality, suitable accommodation.

Invest in Social Housing

Ensure that all sections of society have a safe and secure home to call their own.

Sustainable Communities

Strong planning, high quality materials and local infrastructure is vital to making houses into homes and places into communities.

Tackling Homelessness

Almost 10,000 people including over 3,500 children are homeless in our country.

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