Tuilleadh Tacaíochtaí d’Fheirmeoirí Mairteola agus Caorach

Secure increased supports for vulnerable suckler and sheep farmers.

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Supporting beef & sheep

The beef and sheep sectors are key tenets of Irish agriculture. Ireland’s beef production is underpinned by the 1 million beef suckler cow herd kept on over 70,000 farms, while 34,000 farmers manage over 5 million sheep on the land.

Low income suckler and sheep farmers continue to depend exclusively on direct payments for their livelihoods with average incomes at €13,000 and 17,000 respectively. It is vital to secure increased supports for vulnerable suckler and sheep farmers, who contribute significantly to the economy of rural Ireland and play a key role in conserving land and preventing land abandonment in regions.

Fianna Fáil’s plan to support beef and sheep farmers

  1. Boost funding supports

    Seek EU recognition of the negative impact of Brexit and any Mercosur deal on suckler farmers’ incomes, and request funding supports including CAP market disturbance funds, while increasing market diversification supports.

  2. Additional Suckler Cow Support payment

    Secure additional funding in the next CAP programme to achieve a suckler cow support payment of €200 per cow.

  3. Protect suckler farmers

    Protect suckler farmers and the beef sector in all upcoming EU trade deals, while reject increased beef access in any potential agreement with South American Mercosur countries.

  4. Increase Sheep Welfare Scheme payments

    All unspent Sheep Welfare Scheme proceeds should be channelled into increasing the current payment rate per ewe for farmers enrolled.

  5. Supplement EID costs

    Sheep farmers should not be foisted with any additional costs associated with Electronic Identification (EID) given their low income status.

Safeguarding Farmers & Agrifood From Brexit

All policy levers must be deployed to safeguard farmers and Irish agriculture from the impact of Brexit.

Ensure A Fair Price For Farmers

Create a National Food Ombudsman to ensure fairness and equity in the food supply chain.

Secure A Fully-Funded & Fair CAP

Work for a fully funded, fair, and simpler CAP that safeguards direct payments.

Encourage the Next Generation of Farmers

Next CAP must ensure all farmers under 40 have access to the same entitlements.

Increased Supports For Beef & Sheep Farmers

Seek increased supports for low-income beef suckler and sheep farmers.

Securing A Sustainable Future For Dairy Farmers

Strengthen tools to help dairy farmers mitigate price volatility.

Supporting Tillage, Organic & Horticulture farmers

Advance fair price legislation to ensure a proper return on price for tillage & horticulture farmers.

Forestry and Climate Change

Support environmentally sustainable farming to meet climate change responsibilities.

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