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Farmers must have confidence of a good price for their product.

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A fair price for farmers

A fair price for farmers is a central plank of Fianna Fáil agriculture policy and is vital to the long term survival and success of the horticulture, beef, sheep, pig, poultry and liquid milk sectors.

There are clear imbalances that are undermining its long-term sustainability. Family farmers are increasingly finding it difficult to receive fair prices for their produce. We believe action is now required to ensure that producers can earn a decent living as part of a dynamic and innovative sector.

Fianna Fáil’s plan to ensure a fair price for farmers

  1. A National Food Ombudsman

    Amend consumer law and establish a National Food Ombudsman, to protect primary producers in national law and ensure fairness and equity in the food supply chain.

  2. Food supply chain

    Build support for greater transparency in the food supply chain and break the hold of a small number of players is curbed in the interest of food security and the retention of family farming in the EU.

  3. A stronger position in Europe

    Seek specific EU legislation to regulate and prohibit certain unfair trading practices in order to strengthen the position of farmers in the food supply chain, while working towards common EU wide enforcement rules and coordination measures among Member State enforcement authorities.

  4. Explore new markets

    New markets must be opened for our world renowned premium produce.

Safeguarding Farmers & Agrifood From Brexit

All policy levers must be deployed to safeguard farmers and Irish agriculture from the impact of Brexit.

Ensure A Fair Price For Farmers

Create a National Food Ombudsman to ensure fairness and equity in the food supply chain.

Secure A Fully-Funded & Fair CAP

Work for a fully funded, fair, and simpler CAP that safeguards direct payments.

Encourage the Next Generation of Farmers

Next CAP must ensure all farmers under 40 have access to the same entitlements.

Increased Supports For Beef & Sheep Farmers

Seek increased supports for low-income beef suckler and sheep farmers.

Securing A Sustainable Future For Dairy Farmers

Strengthen tools to help dairy farmers mitigate price volatility.

Supporting Tillage, Organic & Horticulture farmers

Advance fair price legislation to ensure a proper return on price for tillage & horticulture farmers.

Forestry and Climate Change

Support environmentally sustainable farming to meet climate change responsibilities.

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