Feirmeoirí agus Agraibhia a Chosaint ón mBreatimeacht

As Brexit looms, Ireland must make every effort to protect its Agrifood sector.

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A fair way forward for farmers

Brexit represents one of the biggest ever risks to farmers and the agrifood sector since the foundation of the State. The agrifood sector amounts to over 250,000 jobs in rural communities and is the most exposed area. 35% of all Irish food exports were exported to the UK in 2017 – accounting for €4.5 billion in value.

Alarmingly, the food & beverage sector has almost 80% of its employment based outside of Dublin. As one of the most exposed sectors, any impact from Brexit will have strong regional employment consequences.

Fianna Fáil’s plan to offset the effects of Brexit

  1. A national response

    A national response to a national challenge, including ensuring the State agencies and representative groups have sufficient staff and funding to tackle Brexit.

  2. Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland to be afforded special status, to include an option for it to remain in the Customs Union, Single Market and CAP.

  3. Review of state aid rules

    EU agreement for the review of state aid rules for enterprises and establishment of an Enterprise Stabilisation Fund.

  4. Protect against market disturbances

    Use of common market measures in CAP providing for exceptional financial aid measures against severe market disturbances.

  5. Assist market access

    Increased resources for Market Access Unit in Department of Agriculture to enable new exports markets to be opened for Irish food and drink products.

Safeguarding Farmers & Agrifood From Brexit

All policy levers must be deployed to safeguard farmers and Irish agriculture from the impact of Brexit.

Ensure A Fair Price For Farmers

Create a National Food Ombudsman to ensure fairness and equity in the food supply chain.

Secure A Fully-Funded & Fair CAP

Work for a fully funded, fair, and simpler CAP that safeguards direct payments.

Encourage the Next Generation of Farmers

Next CAP must ensure all farmers under 40 have access to the same entitlements.

Increased Supports For Beef & Sheep Farmers

Seek increased supports for low-income beef suckler and sheep farmers.

Securing A Sustainable Future For Dairy Farmers

Strengthen tools to help dairy farmers mitigate price volatility.

Supporting Tillage, Organic & Horticulture Farmers

Advance fair price legislation to ensure a proper return on price for tillage & horticulture farmers.

Forestry and Climate Change

Support environmentally sustainable farming to meet climate change responsibilities.

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