Comhbheartas Talmhaíochta (CT) Lánmhaoinithe agus Cóir a Dhaingniú

We will resist any reduction in CAP funding or distribution.

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Fair and funded

CAP payments are the backbone of Irish farming, sustaining rural communities, ensuring food security. Payments make up around 75% of total Irish farm income. We believe that the next CAP must further integrate and safeguard the family farm model of agriculture that places economic, environmental and socially sustainable farming at its heart.

Any reduction in CAP funding must be resisted as it would fundamentally undermine the sustainability of rural communities.

Fianna Fáil’s plan to secure a fully funded and fair CAP

  1. CAP – funded, fairer and simpler

    Work for a fully funded, fair, and simpler CAP that safeguards direct payments. Everything must be done to resist any reductions in funding post 2020 and ensure the strongest budget is secured. It is also incumbent on Ireland and other Member States to immediately commit to increasing their national contribution to the EU budget to fill any deficit caused by Brexit to ensure CAP funding is not cut under any circumstances.

  2. €60,000 maximum Basic Payment

    Introduce a €60,000 maximum basic payment to safeguard small and medium sized farmers. Future CAP reforms should permit Member States to decide on the capping of direct payments at national level. In Ireland, the current payment ceiling should be reduced from €150,000 under the Basic Payment Scheme to €60,000 to ensure that future CAP funds safeguard small and medium sized farmers.

  3. Areas of Natural Constraints (ANC) Scheme

    The Areas of Natural Constraints (ANC) scheme ensures the continued use of agricultural lands, the maintaining of the countryside, protection of the environment and promotion of sustainable farming systems. Additional financial resources are necessary to ensure that farmers on the most disadvantaged lands are maintained and lands do not fall into disuse and disrepair.

  4. End to disproportionate penalties

    End disproportionate penalties, and ensure fair farm inspections. With the increase in the number and complexity of CAP schemes, more and more penalties are being applied to farmers. The present penalty regime is disproportionate and it needs to be rebalanced in favour of the farmer, except in cases of intentional fraud.

Safeguarding Farmers & Agrifood From Brexit

All policy levers must be deployed to safeguard farmers and Irish agriculture from the impact of Brexit.

Ensure A Fair Price For Farmers

Create a National Food Ombudsman to ensure fairness and equity in the food supply chain.

Secure A Fully-Funded & Fair CAP

Work for a fully funded, fair, and simpler CAP that safeguards direct payments.

Encourage the Next Generation of Farmers

Next CAP must ensure all farmers under 40 have access to the same entitlements.

Increased Supports For Beef & Sheep Farmers

Seek increased supports for low-income beef suckler and sheep farmers.

Securing A Sustainable Future For Dairy Farmers

Strengthen tools to help dairy farmers mitigate price volatility.

Supporting Tillage, Organic & Horticulture farmers

Advance fair price legislation to ensure a proper return on price for tillage & horticulture farmers.

Forestry and Climate Change

Support environmentally sustainable farming to meet climate change responsibilities.

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