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We will make access to primary and community care a priority.

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Expand primary and community care

People want to access their GP services when they need them. Primary and community care plays an essential role in enhancing health outcomes and limiting costs.

The country’s primary and community care system needs to be developed as it invaluable for preventing the progression of conditions that could ultimately require acute hospital care. It will also provide the right environment to enable earlier discharges from hospital.

At the heart of primary care must be the family GP. Fianna Fáil values our family doctors, appreciates the work they do and believes that GP services must be properly resourced.

Fianna Fáil’s plan to expand primary care

  1. Make primary care a budget priority

    Reorganise the proportion of our health budget going to primary care as to match the international benchmark. This will include targets for the readjusting of our health service towards primary care every year as part of the HSE annual service plans.

  2. Reorganise services

    Expand and assign services into primary care that currently take place in hospitals.

  3. A new GP contract

    Prioritise the introduction of a new GP contract and include provisions for its assessment and improvement as an ongoing process.

  4. Community-based treatment

    Ensure a new contract enables a wide-ranging community-based chronic disease management plan (Diabetes, Depression, Asthma, COPD etc.)

  5. Unwind FEMPI

    Gradually unwind the FEMPI reductions in payments to GPs, increase the Rural GP allowance to €25,000 and examine new incentives for GPs to work to the age of 70.

  6. Expand free GP care

    Expand free GP care on the basis of means and in alignment with an expansion in GP capacity.

All Issues in Health

Tackle Waiting Times

We will expand the Treatment Purchase Fund to reduce waiting times and use it for outpatient waiting lists as well.

Prioritise Mental Health

We will give mental health parity of esteem with physical health and dramatically improve Child and Adolescent services.

Tackling Hospital Overcrowding

We will increase hospital capacity to meet growing demand and provide greater supports, along with more beds, for those who need it.

Expand Primary Care

We will make access to primary and community care a priority.

Reducing Health Costs

We will reduce those costs that stop people accessing needed care.

Reform Health Service Delivery

Working with frontline staff we will make healthcare safer and more efficient.

Care for the Elderly

Support older peopl
e to stay at home and in supported communities.

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