Cúram do Dhaoine Breacaosta agus Cúram Baile

Support older people to stay at home and in supported communities. We will make home care a priority for our older people and also encourage and help with more supported communities being provided. This will also allow older people live to independently.

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Do more to allow older people to stay at home.

We will make home care for our older people a priority, ahead of nursing home care. Fianna Fáil believes that the funding allocated to enable older people remain at home provides not only the best value for money but also the most humane result for older people.

There is a clear need for more home care packages and home help hours. We are living longer and need to plan to meet the demographic needs that this will require.

While Fianna Fáil recognises that the majority of older people want to remain in their home and to be cared for in that setting, there will always be a proportion that will require long-term care or to live in supported units.

Fianna Fáil’s plan to support older people at home

  1. 2.2 million new hours of home help

    Provide 2.2 million extra hours of home help and put in place, at a minimum, 8,000 extra home care packages.

  2. A national strategy for long term care

    Develop a national strategy for the long-term care of our older people. This will include an analysis of current and future arrangements for the funding and financing of this care.

  3. Increase Fair Deal funding

    Increase funding for the Fair Deal by €35 million annually.

  4. Fair charges for Fair Deal

    Ensure that no Fair Deal resident is charged for services they do not use.

  5. Increase supports for dementia and Alzheimer’s

    Increase supports in the community and long term care for patients and families with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

All Issues in Health

Tackle Waiting Times

We will expand the Treatment Purchase Fund to reduce waiting times and use it for outpatient waiting lists as well.

Prioritise Mental Health

We will give mental health parity of esteem with physical health and dramatically improve Child and Adolescent services.

Tackling Hospital Overcrowding

We will increase hospital capacity to meet growing demand and provide greater supports, along with more beds, for those who need it.

Expand Primary Care

We will make access to primary and community care a priority.

Reducing Health Costs

We will reduce those costs that stop people accessing needed care.

Reform Health Service Delivery

Working with frontline staff we will make healthcare safer and more efficient.

Care for the Elderly

Support older peopl
e to stay at home and in supported communities.

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