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Research and innovation are key to Ireland’s long term success and competitiveness.

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The State’s research supports have been orientated too heavily towards supporting commercial activities. Academics are frustrated as they find themselves unable to fund projects which lay the groundwork for the next age of enlightenment.

Since 2012, SFI has prioritised 14 areas of research that are most likely to give demonstrable economic and societal return. These have become the focus of the majority of competitive funding. Four criteria were used in selecting the 14 priority areas for future, competitively-awarded investment for economic objectives.

These were areas in which Irish enterprises already compete and in which Ireland is already strong. This approach has limited research in Ireland to biotechnology and ICT, with little scope to expand into new developing areas of expertise.

We will increase investment and reform Ireland’s research strategy to ensure that Ireland is an innovator across many areas.

Fianna Fáil’s plan to support Irish research

  1. Boost capital funding

    Boost capital funding for Third Level by €200m per annum to address creaking infrastructure and purchase new equipment.

  2. Support basic research

    Introduce reforms which would see the widening of disciplines supported and a more equitable funding mix between applied and pure research.

  3. Review the funding process

    Review and reform the process by which funding is awarded for research projects in an open, transparent and independent manner without political influence.

  4. The PRLI

    Place the PRLI back within the remit of the Department of Education.

  5. CERN membership

    Invest in Irish membership of CERN.

  6. European Space Agency

    Increase Irish participation in the European Space Agency through hosting a major international conference to promote Ireland’s role in the space industry.

All Issues in Education

Primary Focus

We will give reduce class sizes and support primary schools.

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Skills and Apprenticeships

We will close the gap with other EU countries in providing much needed skills and increase the number of apprenticeships.

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Strengthening Secondary Education

We will revitalise and restore secondary education to increase access and equality.

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Supporting Irish Research

Research and innovation are key to Ireland’s long term success and competitiveness.

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Supporting Teachers and Principals

We value our teachers and principals and will support them in their work.

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Third Level

We will increase funding to third level and make higher education sustainable and accessible.

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