Tacú le Múinteoirí agus Príomhoidí

We value our teachers and principals and will support them in their work.

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Equal treatment for all staff, old or new

Fianna Fáil supports the principle of equal treatment for newly recruited staff in the public sector, including those in the education sector. The current situation and attitude to leadership and management in schools is unsustainable, especially for schools with fewer than 179 pupils.

Due to cutbacks, principals have very little time to fulfil their administration responsibilities and practically zero time to engage in future strategic planning. We believe that schools should be given one administration day per week for teaching principals.

Fianna Fáil’s plan to support Teachers and Principals

  1. End pay inequality

    End pay inequality for new teachers over a period of time. The only way to attract people into teaching is to pay every teacher fairly for the work they do.

  2. Reform the PME

    Reform the Professional Masters in Education (PME) programme. The professional Masters in Education is dysfunctional in its present form, costs way too much, and it can potentially be reduced to a one year programme without compromising standards and graduate quality.

  3. Admin days for smaller schools

    Give schools one administration day per week for teaching principals, Principals of schools with fewer than 179 pupils, teach on average 169 days a year with 14 days for fulfilling administrative responsibilities, whereas a principal of a school with 179 pupils does not teach at all.

  4. Reform management structures

    Rebuild middle management structures within both primary and secondary schools by removing the moratorium on posts of responsibility for assistant principals, ensuring that any additional posts are used to assist with ICT, special needs education, pastoral care, and mentoring/induction/ CPD of teachers.

All Issues in Education

Primary Focus

We will give reduce class sizes and support primary schools.

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Skills and Apprenticeships

We will close the gap with other EU countries in providing much needed skills and increase the number of apprenticeships.

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Strengthening Secondary Education

We will revitalise and restore secondary education to increase access and equality.

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Supporting Irish Research

Research and innovation are key to Ireland’s long term success and competitiveness.

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Supporting Teachers and Principals

We value our teachers and principals and will support them in their work.

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Third Level

We will increase funding to third level and make higher education sustainable and accessible.

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