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We will close the gap with other EU countries in providing much needed skills and increase the number of apprenticeships.

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A fair path to good work

Ireland is lagging far behind Britain and many EU countries in the scale and diversity of apprenticeships currently offered here. Many European countries benefit from a long-standing emphasis placed on the critical importance of apprenticeships and vocational education and training in Europe, and worldwide.

The current Fine Gael-led administration has been extremely delayed in facing the need to develop and advance the apprenticeship sector here. Traditionally, the focus has been on craft apprenticeships in Ireland, but until recently little has been done to expand the range of career-enhancing apprenticeships that can be provided.

Fianna Fáil’s plan for Skills and Apprenticeships

  1. New schemes

    Create a mix of apprenticeship schemes within public body organisations.

  2. Expand SOLAS

    Expand the role of SOLAS in initiating and driving new apprenticeship opportunities.

  3. Make information accessible

    Open Apprenticeship Offices and launch a comprehensive apprenticeship website to plug current information gaps.

  4. Support firms to take on apprenticeships

    Support Irish firms to start apprenticeships across a wide variety of occupations, and target the SME sector.

  5. Grow opportunities within international firms.

    Encourage Irish-resident firms with international apprenticeships to set up similar schemes here.

  6. Offer information in Transition Year

    Establish a taskforce to examine pre-apprenticeship training in transition year and sixth year in schools.

  7. Reduce the contribution fee

    Reduce the pro-rata student contribution fee paid by apprentices.

All Issues in Education

Primary Focus

We will give reduce class sizes and support primary schools.

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Skills and Apprenticeships

We will close the gap with other EU countries in providing much needed skills and increase the number of apprenticeships.

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Strengthening Secondary Education

We will revitalise and restore secondary education to increase access and equality.

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Supporting Irish Research

Research and innovation are key to Ireland’s long term success and competitiveness.

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Supporting Teachers and Principals

We value our teachers and principals and will support them in their work.

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Third Level

We will increase funding to third level and make higher education sustainable and accessible.

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