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We will give reduce class sizes and support primary schools.

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Reduce class sizes, and support primary schools

Fianna Fáil’s focus on education through the Confidence and Supply Arrangements has resulted in smaller class sizes in primary schools right across the country.

The pupil teacher ratio is set to reach the lowest ever level recorded of 26:1. A quality learning environment isn’t just about smaller classes though. We also need to provide other services such as therapies in schools.

Supports should also to cover everyday running costs such as lighting, heating and cleaning without parents being forced into ‘voluntary contributions’. Fianna Fáil will increase capitation payments to schools and invest in both small and large schools infrastructure.

Fianna Fáil’s plan to support primary schools

  1. A better Pupil–Teacher ratio

    Reduce the Pupil:Teacher ratio to 21:1 in primary schools and reverse staffing schedule changes to small schools in rural Ireland.

  2. Higher capitation

    Increase capitation levels to 2010 levels as recent reports indicate that parents have to fork out €46m each year to keep the doors open in primary schools.

  3. Minor works grant

    Place the Minor works grant on a permanent footing and a multi-annual basis to allow schools to plan ahead.

  4. Early intervention teams

    Establish multi-disciplinary early intervention teams based in pre-schools and primary schools. These teams will include Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Psychologists, who are necessary in supporting children’s development. This will also help to ensure early intervention for children with needs.

All Issues in Education

Primary Focus

We will give reduce class sizes and support primary schools.

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Skills and Apprenticeships

We will close the gap with other EU countries in providing much needed skills and increase the number of apprenticeships.

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Strengthening Secondary Education

We will revitalise and restore secondary education to increase access and equality.

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Supporting Irish Research

Research and innovation are key to Ireland’s long term success and competitiveness.

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Supporting Teachers and Principals

We value our teachers and principals and will support them in their work.

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Third Level

We will increase funding to third level and make higher education sustainable and accessible.

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