Déanaimis Cúram Leanaí Inacmhainne

Our current system is too much for a family to bear alone.

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Childcare costs that are realistic.

Childcare costs are at an all-time high, with the average cost of a full-time childcare place for a pre-school aged child now at more than €155 per week, far beyond what is affordable for most people in Ireland. Childcare costs amount to a third of a family’s net income in Ireland, more than twice as much as the average in the OECD.It is a shocking indictment on our country that we expect young families to bear these costs alone, especially when there is a disproportionate impact of this policy on women.

We believe that the current childcare system ignores those on middle income, that it is haphazard overall and that it is simply not efficient. We will reform the childcare support system to provide greater relief to young families.

Fianna Fáil’s plan to reduce childcare costs

  1. Childminder subsidies

    Make it easier for parents using childminders to access subsidies.

  2. Increase subsidies

    Increase subsidies for middle-income earners.

  3. Créches

    Invest in crèches to ensure high-quality, sustainable care.

  4. ECCE programme

    Ensure all children have access to two years of the ECCE programme.

Affordable Childcare

At more than €155 per week, childcare costs are far beyond what is affordable for most people in Ireland.

Building Affordable Homes

The state has to step up and build affordable units in the right places.

Driving Down Energy Costs

Irish consumers already pay more for gas and electricity than the vast majority of households across the EU.

Insurance Costs

Premiums are far in excess of what is reasonable or fair for the Irish consumer and higher than the European average.

Reduce Mortgage Interest Rates

The Irish government should take the side of home owners, not banks.

Reducing Health Costs

We will reduce those costs that stop people accessing needed care.

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