Costais Árachais Níos Ísles

Irish insurance costs are much too high and are crippling consumers and businesses alike.

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The cost of insurance is too high.

The cost of car and business insurance in Ireland is way too high. Premiums are far in excess of what is reasonable or fair for the Irish consumer and higher than the European average.

Fine Gael has failed to take the side of the consumer and has failed to implement key measures that would increase transparency and lower insurance bills. The price of insurance has to come down.

Fianna Fáil will bring down the price of insurance by:

  1. Delivering transparency on premiums

    Deliver real transparency on how premiums are calculated. This would require insurance companies to explain specifically why insurance premiums have gone up. It would also tackle the obscene premium increases when individuals move to a new address.

  2. Tackle personal injury claims

    Tackle the excessive personal injury claims that are driving up the cost of insurance across the board. Fianna Fáil would make the Personal Injury Assessment Board a far more rigorous process.

  3. Implement the Personal Injury Commission

    Fully implement the recommendations of the Personal Injury Commission on personal injury claims. Ireland’s personal injury claims are far in excess of those in other countries. This makes insurance for everyone more expensive.

  4. A National Claims Database

    Fully establish a National Claims Information Database so claims can be tracked over time. 70% of claims are settled out of court and out of sight. This contributes to rising premiums. Fine Gael has dragged their feet for too long on establishing this database.

  5. End discrimination

    Ensure that owners of older cars are not discriminated against when the vehicle has a valid NCT disc.

  6. Clamp down on fraud

    Fianna Fáil has introduced a Bill that would tackle fraudulent claims that are brought to court. This Bill would ensure that a fraudulent or exaggerated claim would be passed to the Director of Public Prosecution. We would also establish an anti-fraud unit within An Garda Síochana.

  7. Fairness for returning emigrants

    We would establish an anti-fraud unit within An Garda Síochána to address clear cases of insurance fraud. Ireland must not be seen as a soft touch when it comes to fraudulent and exaggerated claims.

  8. Ensure that returning emigrants are not discriminated against when a valid driver history is provided.

  9. More competition

    Fianna Fáil will push for the completion of a more ambitious European-wide insurance market. This would add much needed competition to the sector and bring down costs for customers.

Affordable Childcare

At more than €155 per week, childcare costs are far beyond what is affordable for most people in Ireland.

Building Affordable Homes

The state has to step up and build affordable units in the right places.

Driving Down Energy Costs

Irish consumers already pay more for gas and electricity than the vast majority of households across the EU.

Insurance Costs

Premiums are far in excess of what is reasonable or fair for the Irish consumer and higher than the European average.

Reduce Mortgage Interest Rates

The Irish government should take the side of home owners, not banks.

Reducing Health Costs

We will reduce those costs that stop people accessing needed care.

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