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Ireland’s economic recovery has been remarkable and belongs to the people.

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Ireland’s recovery belongs to its people

It is absolutely imperative that Ireland abides by both European and domestic fiscal stance rules. Ireland’s economic recovery has been remarkable and belongs to the people. Yet our national debt remains among the highest in the developed world. This means that if and when another economic downturn occurs Ireland could face deeper challenges than other countries. It is for this reason that Ireland needs to prepare now for such eventualities.

Fianna Fáil’s plan for fiscal prudence

  1. Balance our books

    Ensure that Ireland adheres to the fiscal stance rules both domestic and European. Ireland must balance its books.

  2. Invest in the Rainy Day Fund

    Maintain and invest in the Rainy Day Fund. We were the Party that suggested it in the first place .This fund will offer stimulus to the economy when it needs it most during a recession.

  3. Reform the Eurozone and EU Fiscal Regime

    Ensure that Ireland participates fully in reforming the Eurozone and EU.

  4. Work towards a review of EMU and the Central Bank’s mandate

    Work towards a re-examination of the structures of the Economic and Monetary Union as well as the mandate of the European Central Bank.

  5. Invest in public services

    Invest available resources in vital public services rather than tax cuts.

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