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Ógra Fianna Fáil is a progressive, republican political youth movement, the largest and most active political youth movement in Ireland.

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About Ógra Fianna Fáil

As one of the largest and most active political youth movements in Ireland today, Ógra gives young people the opportunity to get involved in real politics and engage in political activity at a local, national and international level.

Members actively participate in debating and developing policy on a range of issues which affect young people and their communities.

We run a host of different political and social events throughout the year including the National Youth Conference and Markievicz Summer School, as well as many other regional and local events.

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What We Stand For

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What’s Ógra Fianna Fáil all about?

Ógra’s core role is to engage in political activities such as campaigning, lobbying and promoting our policies and values. Socialising is important too and Ógra is a great place to make new friends and meet new people.

What Does Ógra Fianna Fáil Stand For?

Our Principles & Values

To highlight and campaign for the needs and issues that affect and interest young people

To promote opportunities for young people to participate in political debate and discussion

To ensure young people have a voice and a say on the issues which affect their futures

Fianna Fáil is committed to facilitating and enabling homeownership. A strong affordability scheme is vital to securing that

To encourage and promote as many young candidates as possible for Fianna Fáil

Motor Insurance

Since January 2014, motor insurance premiums have increased by 60% for domestic and commercial customers. Young drivers in particular have been more adversely affected, as they are identified by insurance providers as being high risk drivers.

Ógra is putting forward these proposals seeking to increase transparency for consumers, lower the risk associated with drivers and their vehicles, and tackle the key issues identified by our members.

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This year Ógra developed a new action plan to tackle the housing crisis for young people. The policy aims to tackle the lack of supply of houses and student accommodation, as well as assist first time buyers saving to buy their first home.

See The Policy

Who Are We?


Ian Woods

Ian Woods

A Dun Laoghaire-based policy nerd, Ian is the current president of Ógra Fianna Fáil. Professionally, Ian is a post-doctoral researcher working in a biomedical engineering research group in Trinity College Dublin and within Ógra, has previously served as Policy and Campaigns Director on the Central Officer Board and as secretary of Ógra UCD. He takes the most pride in his campaigns on refugee rights, access to education and his role in Ógra’s Marriage Equality campaign. This year he hopes to lead Ógra in getting more effective as an issues-based activist group, helping Ógra members make a difference through their membership.

Irish Language & Culture Officer

Elaine Dold

Elaine Dold

Haigh gach duine! Is mise Elaine agus is mise an Oifigeach Ghaeilge agus Chultúrtha.

I am Elaine and I am the Irish and Cultural Officer for Ógra.

Rugadh i gCorcaigh mé agus nuair a bhíos óg bogadh go Ciarraí mé. Is ansin an áit a bhfauir mé mo ghrá don Ghaeilge.

I am originally from Cork and when I was younger I moved to Kerry and it was there I got my love for the Irish language.

I joined Ógra in 2009 and haven’t looked back since the friends and contacts you make are amazing!

There isn’t a county in Ireland where you don’t have someone to call on. Its my job to promote the Irish Language and Culture within Ógra and Fianna Fáil so if you want to have a ‘comhrá’ and use your ‘cúpla focail’ I am your woman. You can contact me at anytime, by email. Go n-éirí libh!

National Policy Director

Tom Cahill

Tom Cahill

Tom’s my name. I’m a student teacher from Ballinasloe. I previously served as the Connacht-Ulster Organiser for Ógra. During my Arts undergrad in NUIG I served three terms as the Cathaoirleach of Cumann de Barra. When I’m not studying I’m farming or enjoying some great hurling.

Being policy director means you’re responsible for working with members to develop policies important to them. But your also responsible for promoting the policies within the party and the wider community and defending them when scrutinised. I also meet with Parliamentary Party members and bring relevant youth issues to their attention.

National Campaigns & Events Director

Shane Curley

Shane Curley

Shane Curley is ainm dom. I’m from Kilnadeema in Galway East. I am an Irish and French secondary school teacher. I also work in the Gaeltacht every summer. My passions include hurling, traditional Irish music, the Irish language and politics.

Since getting elected, I have worked hard on numerous campaigns such as motor insurance, Defence Forces pay and marriage equality in the North. I organised the Markievicz Summer School in Galway. I also organised a marriage equality march in Belfast in June. In April, I helped organise table quizzes around the country, with the proceeds going to the Simon Community to help combat homelessness.

National Membership & Recruitment Director

Malachy Hand

Malachy Hand

My name is Malachy and I am from Roscommon. I am currently the Ógra National Membership & Recruitment Director and a member of the Fianna Fáil Ard Comhairle.

My main responsibilities in this role include the development of the national recruitment strategy along with continuing the development of unit coordination. I also chair the National Membership Sub Committee which consists of the five Regional Organisers and the Third Level Organiser. I work in conjunction with each of the Regional Organisers in order to ensure that the membership is both active and indeed growing.

National Third Level Organiser

Dean Walsh

Dean Walsh

My name is Dean Walsh and I am the Third Level Organiser of Ógra Fhianna Fáil.

In this role I work with college Ógra units across the 32 counties. The most important part of my role is finding ways to recruit new members to Ógra. This includes helping out with recruitment material. I believe it is pivotal in my role to come up with ideas for campaigns relating to issues that affect young people to show that Ógra work towards improving the situations that young people find themselves in in Ireland.

Leinster Regional Organiser

Jessica Canisales

Jessica Canisales

I got involve in Ógra Fianna Fáil at the age of 19 while I was studying in Carlow IT. Thanks to Ógra Fianna Fáil, I have not only developed skills like public speaking and debating, but I have also widened my knowledge in current affairs. Over the past years, I have also developed a network of friends within Ógra that will last me a lifetime. Currently, in my role as a Leinster Organiser, I aim to provide the tools necessary for each unit to develop their local organisation. Equally, I aid in pushing national campaigns that may change our future for the better.

Munster Regional Organiser

Darajane O’Sullivan

Darajane O’Sullivan

As Munster Organiser I am responsible for all Ógra units in Munster. I am responsible for bringing the concerns and ideas of members to the Central Officer Board at meetings. I give updates on ongoing projects to drive the organisation and Munster forward at National Council. Currently I’m working on projects including a canvassing strategy for Ógra for the 2019 Local Elections and also a Munster Regional Event in early 2019!

Connacht – Ulster Regional Organiser

Darra Deane

Dara Deane

My name is Darra, I’m 21 and a law student at NUI Galway. An avid athlete I specialise in sprint events on the track, while also playing club hurling and rugby. I have spent the past year working in the political sphere in the US.

As Ógra’s Connacht-Ulster Organiser I represent our members and the region on the Central Officer Board. I act as liaison between local units and the National Youth Officer and also organise regional events for members. During elections I also coordinate Ógra’s canvassing effort to support Fianna Fáil candidates in the region.

Dublin Regional Organiser

Cathal Haughey

Cathal Haughey

I’m Cathal Haughey, a final year student in DCU and the current Dublin Organizer of Ógra Fianna Fáil. This role involves liaising with the various Ógra units across Dublin, organizing social events and formulating policy with the senior party.

There are issues that particularly affect young people living in Dublin, such as lack of housing and rising rents in student accommodation. The cohesion between Ógra and Fianna Fáil has helped me raise these issues with our parliamentary party, leading to legislation on the floor of the Dáil.

Ógra is a progressive, republican youth movement which allows young people to make friends and share their ideas for Ireland. If you want to get involved in politics. Join today.

Northern Organiser

Ian Molloy

Ian Molloy

As Northern Organiser my role is to promote Fianna Fáil and gain membership throughout the 6 counties. We have been campaigning on marriage equality in Northern Ireland, working on cheaper motor insurance policies and lobbying the government to increase wages and improve working conditions for members of the armed forces.

In September we look forward to having a very successful recruitment in Queens University Belfast. In tandem with that we will be electing a new Officer Board in QUB and hosting many exciting events on marriage equality, Brexit and Fianna Fáil’s future as a 32 county party. If you want to be part of the Fianna Fáil movement. Everyone has a voice in our party. So make your mark. Get in contact and join us.

History of Ógra Fianna Fáil

Founded in 1975 as the youth wing of Fianna Fáil The Republican Party, membership of Ógra is open to anyone between the ages of 16 and 30 inclusive, either in higher education institutions or in any constituency around the island of Ireland.

Many members of the current Parliamentary Party began their political involvement in Ógra and are a strong testament to Ógra’s role in encouraging active participation of young people at all levels of the Fianna Fáil Party and in public life. Members have also held key positions in student politics across the country and been leaders in their communities and local groups.

Social and political activities are important in Ógra and the National Youth Conference and Summer School, which take place every year, as well as many other national, regional and local events, are exciting and interesting both politically and socially.

It was visionary, idealistic and committed young people who founded Fianna Fáil, under the leadership of Eamon de Valera in 1926. What followed was a momentous national movement encompassing the ideals of a united Ireland, social and economic advancement and equal opportunities.

The next decade will present many more challenges for Ógra, but that is what Ógra is all about: meeting challenges. The vibrancy and enthusiasm of youth is a unique thing that should be cherished and used to its full potential. Ógra will continue to play a defining role in the future of Ireland’s largest political party and in shaping the Ireland we want to live in.

Ógra Fianna Fáil News

March 6, 2018

FF brings largest political youth event in the country to Athlone this weekend

November 5, 2016

Speech by FF Leader, Micheál Martin TD at Fianna Fáil National Youth Conference, Limerick City

November 5, 2016

Ógra Fianna Fáil elects Malahide man as its President

May 14, 2015

Ógra calls for Yes Vote in Referendum on the Age of Presidential Candidates

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